Direct Liquidation Buying Opportunities

Direct Liquidation Buying Opportunities

Recently I've noticed an explosion of direct liquidation buying opportunities for you that I wanted to share.  The B-Stock Sourcing Network has added a bunch of new marketplaces that are worth checking out.  These marketplaces liquidate a wide variety of categories and all of the products are sold direct from the retailer or manufacturer, so almost everyone should find some great products for their reselling business and you won't be paying middleman markups or risk being deceived by liquidators.  Let's run through a few of them:

Nordstrom:  Selling under the name Closeout Closet, the site is very new and has only a small amount of inventory so far.  It is located at  Shoes, apparel, handbags and mixed lots have been seen on the site over the past couple months.  Great looking inventory!

Hudson's Bay Company: This is the holding company that owns a bunch of major US and Canadian retailers, including:  Sak's Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay, Galleria Kauthof, and Home Outfitters.  The breadth of inventory liquidated here should be fantastic.  So far, we've seen men's and women's apparel, handbags, beauty products and more.

Office Depot/Office Max:  This site sells some great consumer electronics lots that include laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, time clocks, tablets and more.  Almost everyone will love this site given the product mix!

Signature Hardware:  This site sells some great hardware and home decor lots, including: sinks, faucets, shower sets, bathroom accessories and much more. Most of the products are brand new condition, overstocks!  There are some great deals to be had here.

Euro Car Parts: For all of you European buyers, this site sells amazing auto parts lots that include new condition tool chests, clutch kits, turbochargers, disc brakes and tons of other parts and accessories.  All of this inventory is located in Europe, so it probably won't work well for US buyers.

Clover Wireless: Mobile device buyers will love the ability to buy direct liquidation deals from this site sells amazing auto parts lots that include new condition tool chests, clutch kits, turbochargers, disc brakes and tons of other parts and accessories.  All of this inventory is located in Europe, so it probably won't work well for US buyers.

For the cell phone buyers out there, inventory has been exploding in the network even beyond the Clover marketplace.  B-Stock now operates marketplaces for several major carriers and giant phone manufacturers.  Visit there have never been more Apple and Samsung products available.  iPhones, Galaxy's, iPads, etc.  Loads of them.  In fact I see hundreds of lots live as I type this.

All in all, it's a great time to check out the B-Stock Network as we get closer to the holidays.  You will want to stock up early so you are ready to meet the crazy holiday demand we expect to see from consumers given the low unemployment rate at the moment.

Gildan apparel liquidation auctions is live!

Are you interested in expanding your apparel business with some great, branded inventory at bargain prices?  Well, the perfect inventory liquidation marketplace has just launched on the B-Stock Network.  Gildan is now live!

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 10.17.54 AM

So far, they have been selling brand new, overstock socks inventory but we have learned that a wider assortment of products are on the way.  Not sure about timing on that, so get registered now and opt-in to be notified when listings go live so you'll hear about it as soon as it happens.

Amazon Liquidation Auctions is live!

B-Stock Solutions

Where to Buy Amazon Returns

After running a marketplace on the B-Stock Network in Europe for several years, Amazon has finally launched an inventory liquidation marketplace for US buyers!  The site is like others in the B-Stock family, offering a variety of categories in truckload and pallet quantities.  At this point, it appears to be focussed on new, overstock inventory.  This is great, as virtually everything is in 'ready to sell' condition.  So, if you have a brick and mortar store or an online outlet, you can quickly flip these products for great margins if you have the demand.

Amazon pallets are known to be highly valued in the secondary market by liquidators who have been able to buy directly from Amazon in the past.  Historically, it has been difficult to earn the chance to buy from them, however.  With the launch of their own liquidation marketplace to sell overstock pallets and customer return pallets, Amazon is making it possible for any legitimate business to buy straight from the company.  This means there is no longer any reason to buy from middlemen and pay for the costs they incurred to acquire the pallets and have them shipped into their own warehouses, not to mention the profit they will earn selling that inventory.

It is a well-known maxim in the liquidation industry that "you make your money when you buy".  That is to say that when you go to sell your inventory, you have little to no control over the prices you will get.  The one thing you can completely control is the price you pay for the pallets you buy.  This is why it is so critical to do your homework, study the market, but then buy directly from the company rather than through a middleman.  In addition to paying no markups, you are saving the cost of shipping those pallets an extra time and you are eliminating the risk of a middleman cherry-picking the inventory and leaving you with only the worthless scraps.

If you have been looking for high quality inventory in truckload quantities at great prices ought to get registered immediately!


Amazon Inventory Liquidation

Walgreens Liquidation Auction goes live on B-Stock Network

Great news everyone!  Walgreens has launched a liquidation marketplace in the B-Stock Network.  This is the first major pharmacy retailer marketplace I've seen and I believe it will bring a great new assortment of inventory to B-Stock buyers.  The first few listings have just gone live.  I see inventory in the food/beverage categories as well as personal care.  Of course, given the breadth of product carried in the stores, this will likely become much more broad-based over time as the marketplace matures.  

I highly recommend you check out this new site and get registered now!  It is located at here.


WLG screenshot

Costco Liquidation buying opportunity...THIS WEEK (1/16-1/19)

If you are not registered on the Costco Liquidation Marketplace, I highly recommend you do so RIGHT NOW!  This week will be your best opportunity all year to buy incredible inventory at great prices.  With holiday returns flowing through the marketplace in high volume, prices are sure to be very attractive!

According to Wikipedia, as of September 1, 2017, Costco has 746 warehouses, worldwide:

  • 518 in 44 states in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • 98 in nine provinces in Canada with revenues of more than $17 billion in 2014
  • 37 in 18 states in Mexico
  • 28 in the United Kingdom
  • 26 in Japan
  • 13 in South Korea
  • 13 in Taiwan
  • 9 in Australia
  • 2 in Spain
  • 1 in Iceland
  • 1 in France

Another interesting claim that Wikipedia makes is that Costco is the first company to go from $0 to $3 billion of revenue in under 6 years.

All that being said, what is important here is inventory, inventory, inventory.  Get registered on the marketplace will not be disappointed.

Liquidation appliances: A huge opportunity right now

Appliances, Appliances, Everywhere!

The secondary market for appliances has never been better for resellers.  Just 7 years ago, Sears was the largest appliance retailer in the country.  They not only sold their branded products, but they sold primary and secondary stock from other major manufacturers.  They were the channel of choice for manufacturers wanting to flush excess inventory out of their warehouses and 5+ years ago would basically get their pick of any excess inventory their suppliers had.

Today, things are different.  As you certainly know, Sears has been struggling.  They have been closing stores steadily for many years.  In addition, their secondary market purchasing of appliances has dropped substantially.  This has created a huge opportunity for resellers to step in and fill that gap.  One nice side effect for resellers is that,  with Sears out of the market, the supply and demand dynamics have changed substantially.  This has resulted in prices dropping across the market.  Liquidation appliances are available now at better prices than at any time in the past 5-7 years.

Try Appliances

If you have the space and equipment to handle the inventory, I strongly recommend you take a look at this market.  Consumers are still upgrading old appliances and are still motivated to trade down to 'like-new' dent and scratch models to save money.  So consumer prices are holding up well.  The difference is just that now you can buy this inventory at a lower price.

Here are several marketplaces that you can use to research and source major brand, secondary market appliances.  Brands include Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, Whirlpool and others:

You can also see all listings across the B-Stock Network aggregated in one place by going to  Use the category filter for appliances to limit the results to this category.  Good luck!

Appliance liquidation inventory is everywhere

Changes in the retail market for appliances is causing some huge opportunities for buyers in the secondary market.  Specifically, there have been certain very large retailers out there who, for the past decade or more, have been the biggest buyers of excess inventory from the manufacturers.  Those manufacturers came to rely on these retailers to soak up all of their excess appliance inventory.  Even though they were getting low recovery prices on the product, they enjoyed the benefits of this symbiotic relationship.

The reason this was symbiotic is that manufacturers have to keep production lines going.  The closer to full capacity they can keep their plants, the lower they can drive the cost of their finished units.  This enables them to remain competitive with their pricing in the market.  The issue they face is that their dealer networks can't always absorb all of that production and the result is that the dealer channel becomes saturated and has to slow down their buying.  When this happens, the manufacturers warehouses start filling up with the excess inventory they produced.  This is where these giant retailers come in.  They love to create compelling opportunities to draw consumers into their stores, and one of the best ways to do this is via big sales.  The bigger the better.

So, the retailers have a relationship with the manufacturers whereby they agree that they will take any overproduction but they will pay a very low price.  This is a huge help to the manufacturer since it helps to work off that inventory piling up in the warehouse (or avoid having it pile up to begin with).

So What's the Problem?

It is no secret that retailers are facing some serious headwinds lately.  Too much retail square footage per consumer is one problem that has come from over building in the industry.  Another headwind is the intense competition that has developed in the industry, particularly coming from newer online players.  Some of these online players are rewriting the rules around what it means to be customer-centric.  These new policies, including very liberal returns  policies, are driving down operating margins for everyone.  In the case of some of the biggest players in the excess appliance inventory ecosystem, this financial pressure is causing them have to pull back from the symbiotic relationship described above.  And THIS is why we are now seeing a flood of inventory being made available in the secondary market more broadly.

This inventory has to go someplace.  It has to continue moving towards consumers and eventually land in homes across the United States.  Too many companies lose too much money when this product stagnates in warehouses to have it just continue to build up.

So, if you are a small appliance dealer and you want to broaden your selection to include more dent & scratch, returned or overstock inventory, right now is a golden age for you.  Several of these companies have created their own online liquidation marketplaces through which you can buy lots for significant discounts.  Take a look at the B-Stock Sourcing Network for the biggest selection of these marketplaces.

New Macy's Liquidation Marketplace

Macy's is once again operating a liquidation marketplace in the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  The site goes under the name Department Store Auctions and is offering inventory in many categories, including:


While the auctions are not all starting at reasonable prices, there are definitely some gems available that draw significant attention.

It is definitely worth checking out the site!

New Inventory Liquidation Buying Opportunities

It has been a while since I've posted, and since the last time there has been a mini-explosion of new marketplaces making inventory available to small buyers.  In particular, within the B-Stock Sourcing Network, we have seen a bunch of new launches.

Best Buy:  Probably the biggest of the retailers launching new inventory liquidation marketplaces is Best Buy.  According to a Reuters profile of Best Buy:

Best Buy Co., Inc., incorporated on October 20, 1966, is a provider of technology products, services and solutions. The Company offers products and services to the customers visiting its stores, engaging with Geek Squad agents, or using its Websites or mobile applications. It has operations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Company operates through two segments: Domestic and International. The Domestic segment consists of the operations in all states, districts and territories of the United States, under various brand names, including Best Buy,, Best Buy Mobile, Best Buy Direct, Best Buy Express, Geek Squad, Magnolia Home Theater, and Pacific Kitchen and Home. The International segment consists of all operations in Canada and Mexico under the brand names, Best Buy,,, Best Buy Express, Best Buy Mobile and Geek Squad. As of December 31, 2016, the Company operated 1,200 large-format and 400 small-format stores throughout its Domestic and International segments. It has a global sourcing operation to design, develop, test and contract-manufacture its brand products.

The Company's Domestic and International segments have offerings in six categories, such as consumer electronics, computing and mobile phones, entertainment, appliances, services and other. Its consumer electronics category includes home theater, home automation, digital imaging, health and fitness, and portable audio. Its computing and mobile phones category consists of computing and peripherals; networking; tablets; mobile phones, which include related mobile network carrier commissions; wearables, which include smart watches, and e-readers. The entertainment category includes gaming hardware and software, movies, music, technology toys and other software. It offers appliances, such as refrigeration, dishwashers, ovens, laundry, coffee makers and blenders. It offers services, such as consultation, design, delivery, installation, set-up, protection plans, repair, technical support and educational classes. Its other category includes snacks, beverages and other sundry items. The Company's retail stores have procedures for inventory management, asset protection, transaction processing, customer relations, store administration, product sales and services, staff training and merchandise display that are standardized within each store brand.

Needless to say, there is a TON of inventory opportunity here.  It appears that the marketplace is starting with major appliance liquidations but it would not surprise me if the selection expanded over time into other categories.

Pirch:  Pirch is a niche retailer of high end appliances and other home products.  The products available for liquidation look absolutely beautiful and include all varieties of high end appliances.  If you are an appliance reseller, or want to be one, you have to check this site out (  According to Wikipedia:

The company was founded in San Diego, CA in 2009 by a team of businessmen including Phil Roxworthy, James Fikes, and Tom Cavallo, under Rox Design DBA Fixtures Kitchen Bath Outdoor. The team shared the point of view that the appliance retail industry had a need for the re-invention of the complete in-store, shopping and delivery/installation experience, as there was "a void in the marketplace, left by industries that had remained virtually unchanged for decades.”

On February 26, 2013, Catterton Partners (a private equity firm based in Greenwich, Connecticut, known for its funding of companies such as Build-A-Bear, Pop-Chips, Baccarat, Outback Steakhouse and Restoration Hardware), announced its investment in Pirch as a minority shareholder. The transaction accelerated the growth of the retail concept as it began its aggressive expansion across the country.

Pirch has four stores in California, more than any other state, including San Diego, Rancho Mirage, Costa Mesa and the Glendale Galleria. The company's first store outside California, as well as the fifth store, opened in a part of a shuttered Bloomingdale's home store at Oakbrook Center in Oak Brook, Illinois, on March 8, 2014, and a sixth at the NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas, in part of a former Barneys New York, opened on August 23, 2014. On December 13, 2014, a seventh store opened at the Lenox Marketplace in Atlanta, Georgia, as part of the company's plan to expand its luxury retail stores nationwide.

In March 2015, an eighth location was introduced at the Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey.  A three-story and flagship location opened in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, New York in May 2016 as the ninth store.  In May 2017, a tenth store was opened in Austin, Texas at the DOMAIN Northside.

JC Penney:  Of course, who doesn't know this iconic retailer.  According to the inventory liquidation marketplace page:

J. C. Penney Company, Inc. (NYSE:JCP), one of the nation’s largest apparel and home furnishings retailers, is on a mission to ensure every shopping experience is worth the customer’s time, money and effort. Whether shopping or visiting one of over 1,000 store locations across the United States and Puerto Rico, customers will discover a broad assortment of products from a leading portfolio of private, exclusive and national brands. Supporting this value proposition is the warrior spirit of over 100,00 JCPenney associates worldwide, who are focused on the Company’s three strategic priorities of strengthening private brands, becoming a world-class omnichannel retailer and increasing revenue per customer.

JCPenney Liquidation Auctions is the official B2B marketplace for the liquidation division of J. C. Penney Corporation, Inc. JCPenney Liquidation Auctions will offer bulk quantities of first-quality/excess and customer returns including: domestics, furniture, rugs, hard goods, apparel, footwear, and much more. Auctions lots are between one pallet and a full truckload. These are the same quality products that are sold through

So far, we have seen a pretty wide variety of home products on the marketplace, including:  furniture, window coverings, bedding, kitchen and bath products.  There have been some amazing deals to be had and, given their size, I expect to see much more coming in the future.

Scosche:  The newest marketplace just launched this week (week of August 1).  UPDATE: Site has closed and the company's products can be found at

Founded in 1980, SCOSCHE (pronounced skōsh) Industries is an award-winning innovator of consumer technology and car audio products - committed to delivering superior product quality and functionality, exceptional value and unmatched customer service. The designers and engineers at SCOSCHE develop products that reflect a rich heritage in audio and mobile technologies. SCOSCHE finds inspiration in the California lifestyle, culture, music and people. These influences can be seen in the accessories and products that are now in the homes, offices and vehicles of people in over 50 countries. With over 400 patents/trademarks and industry awards received, it is easy to see why SCOSCHE is consistently at the forefront of technology and innovation.

The Company produces quite a variety of consumer technology products.  While we haven't seen the site live yet, as of the time of this writing, it is reasonable to imagine a wide array of inventory available for liquidation.  From mobile and audio products and accessories to heart monitors for athletes, the company has some amazing products.  We can't wait to see this marketplace go live.

It is a golden age for secondary market buyers of liquidation inventory.  Retailers have a bigger need than ever to move returned, overstocked and other distressed inventory while consumers are more interested in a bargain then they have ever been.  Buying directly from these major retailers is the best way for any entrepreneur to start building a business in the secondary market.

Best Buy Launches New Liquidation Marketplace

Interested appliance buyers should definitely check out Best Buy's new liquidation marketplace on the B-Stock Sourcing Network.  The site looks great and the first listings include 2 single truckloads and one triple truckload lot of customer returned appliances.  They include refrigerators, washers, dryers and microwaves by some of the top brands, like Samsung, Whirlpool and LG.

The bidding started at $100 on each of these lots, so it seems like there will be some great buys available.

The site is located at:

Here is a screenshot of the homepage:

Bestbuy liquidation site