The Resale Certificate is Critial to Begin Buying Liquidation Inventory
Liquidation Inventory Product Conditions - What to expect -- a great liquidation inventory source

For new liquidation inventory buyers, this is a great site to keep an eye on.  It is another auction site run by B-Stock Solutions, but this site offers merchandise from many different sellers.  The site offers lots as small as a few hundred dollars and as large as $75,000.

B-Stock does a great job of vetting and selecting sellers for the site so it has created a great, safe environment for buying.  They collect funds from buyers on every transaction and, for new sellers to the site, they hold the funds until they confirm the buyer receives what they were promised.

The site is very well designed and easy to use.  The variety of products available is great.  They get inventory listings from some great retailers like:  Macy's, Blockbuster, Gilt Group, Mercantila, Brown Shoes, Sam's Club, Walmart and many others.