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Buying Kohl's Store Returns Inventory | Customer Returns

Kohl's celebrates its 50th birthday this year.  They currently operate around 1,100 stores and generate nearly $20 billion in revenue.  Despite being quite innovative and forward thinking in certain ways (they had an internet presence starting in 1998 with online shopping since 2000), they still do liquidation of returns and excess inventory the 'old fashioned way'. 

I can't explain why, but they use Genco to manage all liquidations for them.  Based on their size, I would estimate that they liquidate around $100 million per year.  If that is true, I estimate that they are leaving at least $30 million on the table, split between Genco and their buyers (with most of it going to Genco).  As anyone who has ever attempted to call the company to inquire about buying customer returns knows, you are simply told to call Genco.

If you are buying Kohl's returns, shelf pulls, overstock or job lots from anyone other than Genco, you are paying an extra layer of markup and would be better off calling Genco directly.