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How to Buy Sears Liquidation Inventory

Sears liquidates a very high volume of excess and returned inventory.  They have completely embraced what I call 'the old fashioned methods' of liquidation.  That is, they have a single contract with a large liquidator to take everything.  Their biggest outlet for their returns and other liquidation inventory is Genco, who happens to operate warehouse facilities for Sears.  As you can imagine, it is a big advantage for Genco to already have Sears inventory in their possession.

It was not too long ago that Sears had a small team that was running some liquidation volume outside of the Genco contract.  Now, the two people who were running that program are no longer with Sears, so I am unsure about whether or not someone else has taken over that role.  My understanding is that they now simply rely on Genco for everything.

What this means for buyers is simply that buying Sears product means buying from Genco, or from other buyers who buy from Genco.  Either way, you are going to pay a significant markup that will be kept by Genco or the other reseller (and Genco).