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Buying Shoe Liquidations

Buy Walmart Returns to Build Your Business

Many people who run small businesses do not realize that they can replenish their stock from major retailers returns or liquidation inventory. For instance, Walmart returns are a perfect opportunity to get a variety of products that are in all different conditions.  These items include consumer returns, overstock and refurbished items that you can get for a fraction of the retail price.  Walmart’s is just one of the dozens of retailers to choose from. Not only can you save money but you can offer your customers products that are often brand new without brand new price tags; you get to pass along the savings as well as make money for your own business. This is perfect for eBay resellers, small business resellers and even for those that sell at a local flea market and there is an easy way to get started.

  • Sign up at the B-Stock Solution Sourcing Network website
  • Register for any retailer’s marketplace that you are interested in (each one is a separate registration)
  • Present your reseller certificate during registration if you live in a state that requires sales tax
  • Browse around the listings and look at the variety of lots offered
  • Bid on lots and complete the purchase once you win

All of the terms you need to know such as shipping and payment is included in the lots that you browse; there are no hidden fees, small print or surprises. You get to choose from the most popular categories such as electronics, furniture, jewelry and more. The inventory is in amounts that are perfect for any sized reseller because you can choose from a lot, a pallet or even an entire truckload.

Imagine being able to get an entire pallet of purses from Walmart for just a small fraction of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and then being able to make your money back by reselling the items.

There are no worries about integrity issues either because you are buying from the source and not an outside liquidator. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.