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December 2012

Buying Shoe Liquidations

Shoes are a great product to target as a liquidation buyer.  There are millions of pairs of shoes liquidated every month by retailers and manufacturers.  Furthermore, there are 7 billion potential customers to sell them to.

The key with shoes is often having the ability to export.  Many of the brand owners out there try very hard to ensure that any buyers of their liquidation inventory don't wind up competing with them in their primary market.  Consequently, they will often place restrictions on buyers that require the resale of the product to occur outside of the US.

One example of a shoe buying opportunity is Journeys.  Journeys has recently launched their own liquidation marketplace with our friends over at B-Stock Solutions, however, they require any buyers on the site to export what they buy.  You might find customer returns or brand new overstock inventory.  In any case, the pricing will be at a fraction of regular retail so the possibility that you will be able to resell at a profit is very real.