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April 2013

Using Retail Liquidations to Beef Up Your eBay Inventory

There is something addicting about selling on eBay. Maybe you started out by selling a couple things around the house. Then as you experienced the thrill of seeing those bids come in at prices higher than you expected, maybe you began actively hunting for things to sell.  Maybe you have even considered scaling it into a part or full time business. If that is the case, there's a better way to increase your inventory on eBay for very low cost giving you the chance to really make a profit with your new found endeavor. 

Have you ever wondered what stores like Walmart and Sam's Club do with overstock and returned inventory? Sure, some goes to clearance, some goes back to vendors, but a ton of it gets liquidated in bulk lots to small buyers. This inventory gets auctioned off in bulk lots for pennies on the dollar. If you do the appropriate paperwork to allow buying wholesale without paying sales tax (ie. getting a resale certificate), you can buy it, split it up, and then sell it all in your online store. It's your chance to offer these products for less than your competitors but at a price still high enough to net you a profit. All you need is some storage space and the time. 

There is a great deal of benefit to buying this way, besides the low price. You get the peace of mind in knowing the items you're buying are legitimate and that you will get what you are promised. You're also leveraging the buying power of these retail giants since the prices they're slashing for you were already lower than smaller retailers. Even the condition of what you receive is better due to the shipping expertise these large companies have in dealing with bulk merchandise. 

Are you interested in increasing your inventory through retail liquidations? Try out the B-Stock Sourcing Network. By registering for the liquidation auction marketplaces that match your personal preferences, you'll receive email alerts when a new auction starts letting you know it's time to bid. There is no cost to join the network. You can find the network and additional information at the B-Stock Sourcing Network website.