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Liquidation site adds seller performance feature

The liquidation marketplace,, has added a great new feature for buyers. Previously, you didn't really get any information on the site about the experiences other buyers were having with particular sellers.  They just launched "Seller Performance Stats" on each listing page.

The performance stats show several things, including:

  • How long the seller has been on the site
  • How many transactions they've completed
  • The buyer dispute rate on those transactions, and perhaps best of all,
  • The 'unresolved dispute rate'

I really like this last one because it shows buyers which sellers are making their buyers happy after an initial disappointment.  Mistakes happen with secondary market sales, there is no avoiding that. What matters is how a seller handles correcting the mistake.  Do they take care of the buyer or not. Now you can see that right on the page.

Here is a sample of what it looks like:

Seller Statistics