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Truckloads of salvage inventory

For some unique buyers, 'salvage' goods are just what they are looking for.  This is definitely not an area for the novice to play with.  To most people, salvage inventory is garbage.  For example, it can include left over parts after a lot of laptops is stripped of anything remotely valuable.  Usually, it is junk.

In some cases, however, there is gold to be mined from those lots of apparent garbage.  Sometimes, the products in a salvage lot are worth more to  a recyler or a scrap yard than to a potential reseller.

To those buyers who know how to recoup value out of salvage lots, these lots are a goldmine.  The great thing for them is that they sell at huge discounts off of retail value.  When you are able to buy low and sell 'not-so-low', you can build a business.

If you are interested in salvage truckloads, check out both BStockSupply.com and Essexb2b.com for frequent (and relatively high quality) truckloads of returns.  Just be careful and don't start bidding/buying until you have some experience with this type of merchandise.