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October 2013

Liquidation inventory conditions

When looking at liquidation inventory, use your head!

I see it all the time.  A buyer gets there liquidation load of inventory and, guess what...there are a bunch of broken items in the lot!  They say, "but wait...I purchased "Customer Returns"!  Why did I get broken items?"

One of the problems with the business of buying and selling liquidation items is there is virtually no barrier to a buyer jumping in.  All you need is a little cash and you can get started.  Unfortunately, too many people do this without getting properly educated on what to expect and they don't think about what they are doing.

In the case of 'returns', you have to consider that these items were purchased by someone and then subsequently returned to the store.  Sure, sometimes it might have been the wrong size or color, but in many cases the item didn't function as expected or was missing parts.  Perhaps the buyer dropped it when opening the box.  Whatever the reason, retailers' liberal return policies allow that product to come back.

Please, please, please READ THE DEFINITION OF PRODUCT CONDITIONS associated with whatever you are buying.  If you don't find a clear, complete definition, DON'T BUY IT!