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December 2013

Liquidation Gold Rush

If you are in the business of buying liquidation inventory, or have been considering getting into the business, get ready for the post-Christmas gold rush.

As the holidays pass and the buying spree of the American people comes to a close, everyone in the liquidation business begins to salivate over the coming tidal wave of returns.  Online purchasing is estimated at $42.75 billion for the holidays, while total consumer spending was projected to hit $738 billion.

A rough, 'back-of-the-envelope' calculation suggests returns of somewhere in the 10%-20% range, which translates into $73.8 - $147.6 billion at retail value. That is a huge amount of product that will have to be resold somehow.  While some will be sold directly to consumers, a huge amount of it will be sold in bulk to small resellers like us.

This will amount to billions of dollars worth of inventory. This is the currency of the post-holiday, liquidation gold rush.  So find what you are looking for and grab your share!

Inventory liquidation sample offers

Here is a new inventory liquidation blog that provides samples of how inventory liquidation has traditionally been handled. That is, the terribly inefficient process of brokers sending out inventory lists to their networks with prices all marked up from what they either paid or believe they will pay if they sell it to someone else first.

You will see offers for everything from iPhones to dollar store junk.

You might find this interesting if you are exploring this market for the first time.  These are the type of offers you should always avoid.  Without exception, these are deals that have made the rounds to thousands of others.  They are always coming from middlemen who have layered on a markup or two or three.