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May 2014

Danby liquidation appliance marketplace

The Canadian appliance manufacturer, Danby, has launched a B-Stock powered liquidation marketplace.  Danby is a nearly 70 year old, family owned business whose products you have likely seen even though you may not realize it.  Their wine fridges and small 2.5 cubic foot dorm-style fridges can often be found for sale in Costco.  The Company has a big line of products from these wine fridges to kegerators and air conditioners.

Now, they are liquidating returns and other excess inventory via a liquidation marketplace.

P&G's Duracell Division Liquidating Powermat products via auctions

Duracellpm logo

Check out Mobile products liquidation that B-Stock Solutions is running for Proctor & Gamble's Duracell Powermat division.

Available are large quantities of brand new, overstock Powermat and Powermat accessories.  There are small and large lots and all start at very low prices.  Probably some good buying opportunities here.

 Powermat1 Powermat case