Costco Liquidation buying opportunity...THIS WEEK (1/16-1/19)
Walgreens Liquidation Auction goes live on B-Stock Network

New direct liquidation deals from retailers

It has been a while since I've posted on the site, but recently I've noticed an explosion of direct liquidation buying opportunities for you that I wanted to share.  The B-Stock Sourcing Network has added a bunch of new marketplaces that are worth checking out.  These marketplaces liquidate a wide variety of categories, so almost everyone should find some great products for their reselling business.  Let's run through a few of them:

Nordstrom:  Selling under the name Closeout Closet, the site is very new and has only a small amount of inventory so far.  It is located at  Shoes, apparel, handbags and mixed lots have been seen on the site over the past couple months.  Great looking inventory!

Hudson's Bay Company:  The marketplace is located at  This is the holding company that own's a bunch of US and Canadian retailers, including:  Sak's Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Hudson's Bay, Galleria Kauthof, and Home Outfitters.  The breadth of inventory liquidated here should be fantastic.  So far, we've seen men's and women's apparel, handbags, beauty products and more.

DSG (Dakota Supply Group):  For those of you into industrial products and supplies, this site is for you.  Located at DSG Liquidation Auctions the site has truckload and less than truckload listings that generally include boilers, roof flashing, AC units and other industrial products.  Great deals available here given the reduced competition for this type of product.

Office Depot/Office Max:  This site sells some great consumer electronics lots that include laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, time clocks, tablets and more.  Almost everyone will love this site given the product mix!

Rue21:  The online apparel retailer is now in the network, located at The site carries men's and women's apparel and accessories plus intimate and sleep apparel and plus sizes.  Great selection.

For the cell phone buyers out there, inventory has been exploding in the network.  Visit there have never been more Apple and Samsung products available.  iPhones, Galaxy phones, iPads, etc.  Loads of them.  In fact I see 174 lots live as I type this.

All in all, it's a great time to check out the B-Stock Network as we get closer to the holidays.  You will want to stock up early so you are ready to meet the crazy holiday demand we expect to see from consumers given the low unemployment rate at the moment.