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Woot liquidation marketplace has great merchandise

After a month long hiatus, the Woot Liquidation Marketplace is back in business.  A round of listings closed earlier this week and another round has just opened.  The current lots include: liquidation lots of consumer electronics, home and garden, toys & kids, TV's and mixed lots.  There are lots from 5 pallets all the way up to full truckloads.

Get registered now to jump into the bidding.  There are many money making deals on the site.


Target Inventory Liquidation Marketplace Now Open to All

This is big news.  So big, I created a page on the blog for it so it will be more easily accessible.

In a nutshell, Target, which has been testing a new liquidation marketplace in the B-Stock Network, has now opened their marketplace to all resellers.  Check out the details in the page and get yourself registered for the opportunity to bid on some amazing deals.


B-Stock Solutions launches Woot liquidation marketplace

It looks like B-Stock has launched a great new site for liquidation buyers this past week.  Woot.com, the original 'deal of the day' site (now owned by Amazon), is their newest customer.  The site looks great and appears to be selling brand new Amazon excess inventory in liquidation loads.

I highly recommend checking this one out.


B-Stock Solutions launches 2 new liquidation marketplaces

It looks like two more great sourcing opportunities have launched on the B-Stock Sourcing Network. The two new sites are Groupon Goods in the UK and Destination Maternity in the US.

The GrouponGoods marketplace is selling returns and other excess inventory that is all located in Europe, so it will be best for buyers over there.  Destination Maternity, on the other hand, is all located in the US.  However, the rules of the site state that all merchandise must be exported to a market outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are links to the sites:

Groupon Goods Liquidation Auctions

More appliances and consumer electronics liquidation

Almo Corporation of Pennsylvania has just launched their own private liquidation marketplace. They are the latest company to utilize the B-Stock Solutions platform. They are liquidating appliances, consumer electronics, small appliances, home comfort appliances and even professional A/V equipment. It is the usual great B-Stock interface and auction technology, so everyone familiar with there other marketplaces will immediately feel comfortable using it. Check it out here: https://Almo.bstocksolutions.com.

P&G's Duracell Division Liquidating Powermat products via auctions

Duracellpm logo

Check out Mobile products liquidation that B-Stock Solutions is running for Proctor & Gamble's Duracell Powermat division.

Available are large quantities of brand new, overstock Powermat and Powermat accessories.  There are small and large lots and all start at very low prices.  Probably some good buying opportunities here.

 Powermat1 Powermat case

MRO (Maintenance, Repairs & Operations) inventory liquidation marketplace

Hdsupply logo

HD Supply has launched a liquidation marketplace for MRO inventory.  The site (located at https://sourcing.bstock.com) offers bulk lots of typical MRO type products.  They are all brand new, overstock products.

It is a great looking site that is worth checking out.

Waste Management iPhone & Laptop Liquidation Marketplace

B-Stock Solutions has launched yet another marketplace.  This one is for Waste Management.  Yep, that's right, the garbage company.  But guess what...not all their inventory is garbage.  In fact, they run trade-in programs for consumers to sell back their old devices in addition to doing corporate technology refreshes.  This means when some big company wants to upgrade it's entire base of thousands of Dell laptops, Waste Management will take all of the old machines and figure out the best way to dispose of them.

Check out the site as there is a ton of great stuff.