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How to buy liquidation inventory from Walmart

It has almost exactly a year since I've posted here.  What a year it was.  I thought I'd get back in the game by writing a basic post for anyone new to this site. Many people ask:

'How can I buy liquidation inventory directly from Walmart?'

The answer is simple.  Walmart operates their own liquidation marketplace located at  This is the only site from which Walmart sells excess inventory directly to small business buyers without involving a liquidator middleman.  That makes this the best place to buy since you have direct access to the inventory with no filtering, cherry-picking or other game-playing by a middleman.

In addition, this is an auction site where the bidding on everything starts at $100.  What that means is that you, the buyer, get to name your price, and if you are the high bidder, you win...period.  No negotiations, no bait and switch, just view the manifest in the listing, calculate what you believe you can sell it for, figure out what you can pay to make an adequate profit, and place your bid.  Then you can just sit back and wait for the auction to close to see if you have won at or below your maximum bid.  Yes, that's right, you might bid $3,000 but if the next highest bidder only bids $1,200 then you win it for $1,225! 

What I advise buyers to do is to download the manifest from any listings that look interesting to you and sort it by retail price from high to low.  You will probably find that a relatively small percentage of the items make up the vast majority of the value of the lot, so focus on those.  Next, spend some time looking up these items online to see what the CURRENT selling price is for each of the top items and fill those in an empty column in the manifest spreadsheet.  If there are multiple quantities of any items, multiply the current selling price by the quantity in the manifest to arrive at the total selling price for all units on each line.  Do this for as much of the manifest as possible to get the best estimate of your revenue once you've sold it all. 

Next, estimate your costs related to buying and selling the items.  A big one is likely to be shipping (which will be disclosed to you at the time you are bidding) but also third-party marketplace fees, if that's how you sell, credit card fees if you take payment that way, warehousing, receiving, packing materials, etc.  Once you have a good idea of the costs you can subtract that from the total proceeds you estimated.  If you paid this price, you would basically earn $0.  Clearly, that is not what you want.  So, next decide how much profit you would like to make for the effort involved in buying and selling this particular lot.  Subtract that.  Now you have your maximum bid amount.

But wait, that's not it.  Some people go to auction sites and bid $100, $150, $200, $250, $300.....until finally, they bid the actual amount they have calculated.  That can be extremely tedious and time-consuming.  Walmart's auction site allows you to simply enter your maximum bid amount.  You might be thinking 'why would I ever do that?  I want to get this at the lowest possible price'.  Well, relax, these marketplaces are fully automated and treat your high bid as confidential.  No one else sees that number.  The computer simply places the next bid for you IF someone else bids against you.  It will keep managing your bidding until it hits your maximum.  And again, it will only bid again if someone outbids you and the price is still below your maximum.

So it is all very simple.  The most important thing to remember is to do your homework!  Read listing information carefully and understand the various conditions that items may be in when you receive them.  When you are getting started don't buy 'salvage' product if you don't understand what 'salvage' means.  Now go make some money!

Macy's Continues to Struggle

A weakness in consumer demand for apparel and the shift to online retail are hitting Macy's hard.  The company has just slashed their sales forecasts on the heels of a drop in comp store sales of 5.6% in Q1.  This was the 5th consecutive quarter of declining comp store sales for Macy's.

According to the Wall Street Journal's Suzanne Kapner, "Discount chains like T.J. Maxx and fast-fashion retailers such as H&M Hennes & Mauritz AB that can offer jeans as cheap as $17 and polo shirts for $10 are stealing foot traffic and hurting demand for the $50 jeans and $80 polo shirts that Macy’s sells."

The great news is that there is a significant push among consumers for value.  This is where the secondary market shines.  The bad news for Macy's is that their primary business will continue to suffer.

It is very likely that we will be seeing a flood of Macy's excess in the secondary market over this next quarter, so keep an eye on sites like to find some deals.

New liquidation marketplace in Europe

B-Stock Solutions has launched a new marketplace in Europe, called A2Z Liquidation Auctions.  If you take a close look at the site and its terms and conditions you can see that the seller here is Amazon.  There is a great mix of product available on the site. It includes new product as well as returns in a variety of lot sizes.  The product is located in the UK, but they seem to be shipping all over Europe.

I highly recommend that you get registered to buy right away.  There are some amazing deals available here.

Inventory buildup at retailers heading into the holdays

In this article in the International Business Times by Avaneesh Pandey, she points out how inventory levels are rising heading into the critical holiday shopping period.  Just in Q3 in fact, she says that inventory levels at American businesses have grown by $56.8 billion.  She goes on to quote a Macquarie Research report suggesting specialty stores and apparel companies are currently experiencing “a build-up in inventories beyond the natural increase ahead of the holidays”.  The same report also named 10 companies where inventory is growing faster than sales, including Lululemon Athletica, Nike Inc., Under Armour Inc. and VF Corp.

This situation will have very positive implications for consumers this holiday, as the markdowns are likely to happen early and be deep.  Beyond that, if consumers don't show up with their wallets open this holiday season, we are going to see a tidal wave of product hitting the secondary market at year end and in early January.

Starting accumulating capital now so you are in position to take advantage of these upcoming buying opportunities.

How can we help you?

In an effort to make this blog more useful to its readers, I thought asking you how we can help would be an easy way to do so.  Anything interesting to share with our community? Know of any great liquidation opportunities or trying to move some products? Let me know via comments below and we'll try to help.

Amazing designer handbag lots available - Chanel, Coach, Prada, Versace, Burberry

Wow!  Check out this liquidation opportunity immediately.  Good quantities of premier brand handbags in various conditions available right now.  I see all the best brands here (Chanel, Coach, Prada, Versace, Kate Spade, Burberry, and many others).  Grades vary from A to D with very clear definitions of what this means.  This lots close on Monday, so don't hesitate.  Someone will make a lot of money on these lots.

These lots look a lot like Macy's liquidation lots in the premier handbag category, but better.

HERE is a link to the inventory (registration required).

Woot liquidation marketplace has great merchandise

After a month long hiatus, the Woot Liquidation Marketplace is back in business.  A round of listings closed earlier this week and another round has just opened.  The current lots include: liquidation lots of consumer electronics, home and garden, toys & kids, TV's and mixed lots.  There are lots from 5 pallets all the way up to full truckloads.

Get registered now to jump into the bidding.  There are many money making deals on the site.


Target Inventory Liquidation Marketplace Now Open to All

This is big news.  So big, I created a page on the blog for it so it will be more easily accessible.

In a nutshell, Target, which has been testing a new liquidation marketplace in the B-Stock Network, has now opened their marketplace to all resellers.  Check out the details in the page and get yourself registered for the opportunity to bid on some amazing deals.


B-Stock Solutions launches Woot liquidation marketplace

It looks like B-Stock has launched a great new site for liquidation buyers this past week., the original 'deal of the day' site (now owned by Amazon), is their newest customer.  The site looks great and appears to be selling brand new Amazon excess inventory in liquidation loads.

I highly recommend checking this one out.

B-Stock Solutions launches 2 new liquidation marketplaces

It looks like two more great sourcing opportunities have launched on the B-Stock Sourcing Network. The two new sites are Groupon Goods in the UK and Destination Maternity in the US.

The GrouponGoods marketplace is selling returns and other excess inventory that is all located in Europe, so it will be best for buyers over there.  Destination Maternity, on the other hand, is all located in the US.  However, the rules of the site state that all merchandise must be exported to a market outside of the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Here are links to the sites:

Groupon Goods Liquidation Auctions

Apple Posts Blowout Earnings - Sells 74.5 million iPhones

Apple announced mind-blowing earnings today.  Its fiscal first quarter earnings blew past expectations.  In iPhones alone, the company sold 9 million more units than expected.  In total, the company sold 74.5 million  iPhones and 21.4 million iPads in the quarter.  Yes, that is just 3 months.

What is really incredible is that the company generated $18 BILLION of net profit in the quarter and $33.7 billion of additional cash.  The company can now buy 480 of the S&P 500 companies with cash alone.

This is truly incredible.  And the great news for those of us in the liquidation business is that all these sales are seeding the market with products that will eventually be traded in and resold in the secondary market.

If you are interested in buying used or refurbished iPhones or iPads, check out the selection available almost every day on  Here is a lot that would be great for a reseller:

Know of any great Apple product buying opportunities in the secondary market?  Let us know about it.